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Automotive engineering is a combination of mechanical, electrical and materials science. This university is unique in that the employees and professors were employed by General Motors and worked as engineers in the field giving this unique university has strong ties to the automotive world. You will benefit from access to our specialist facilities including the Sir Harry Ricardo Laboratories and the new advanced engineering building. The module aims to provide you with the underpinning knowledge and problem-solving skills in engineering science to progress to the next Engineering Principles module, and then onto the second year.automotive engineering

Whether you are brand new to automotive engineering or a working professional, we will cover a variety of topics that you need to know to become an expert. Wolfgang Hirschberg as head of Automotive Engineering, simultaneous to his appointment as chief scientist of the center of competence – The Virtual Vehicle. Set up mechanical, hydraulic, or electric test equipment in accordance with engineering specifications, standards, or test procedures. You can earn up to £20,000 as a Motor Vehicle Technician or Motor Vehicle Body Repair Technician, and up to £25,000 as an Automotive Engineer – up to £50,000 for experienced Engineers.

This major project is undertaken throughout the final year of the BEng programme and Stage three of the MEng programme, allowing you to research and study in depth a topic in mechanical engineering which is of personal interest. This module covers the fundamental mathematical skills essential to support the application of core engineering principles in solving typical engineering problems. This module aims to develop competence in the application of the fundamentals of engineering design to a given specification including the manufacture and testing of that design.

Automotive engineers develop components and systems for vehicles (cars, motorcycles, and heavy vehicles) that provide great customer value and satisfaction at an affordable price while increasing their employers’ profitability. From high-impact research and collaboration with industry, RMIT will help you gain all the practical skills required to enter the mechanical and automotive engineering industries. You’ll apply mechanical engineering principles to automotive applications, developing the skills to analyse complex automotive systems.automotive engineering

A whole variety of vehicle production areas are encompassed: automotive engineers tend to specialise in either designing, development or manufacturing. Year 2 with enhances the core engineering study with Thermofluid Mechanics and CAE and Stress Analysis and specialist modules such as Vehicle Dynamics and Engine Design. This module is a core module in the MEng and BEng Mechanical Engineering programmes and forms a capstone experience for the course.automotive engineering


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