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Everything you need to Know about Electric cars

Are you wondering whether it’s time you get an electric vehicle? Read on and you can decide that after learning a few things you ought to know about EVS.

Electric cars have been trending more lately and more people and seeking more information about them online. It’s apparent that people now are more considerate to the environment and love the efficiency that comes with using one. Besides most vehicle models are now available. Whether you like driving an SUV, Hummer, or a truck, you can have an electric one. The Electric vehicles are available at affordable costs, convenient for longer mileage, and charge quickly. Also, insurance services are readily available. Us-reviews .com is one of the most reliable pools of insurance companies where EV owners or prospective buyers can get all services and information. Getting an Insurance cover for an electric vehicle might be relatively expensive compared to the conventional cover for their gas counterparts. US car insurances companies have incredible offers for Electric vehicle owners, so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune. Below are some questions you need to answer before getting one.

1.   Is it affordable?

You can either buy your own or lease one. Leasing is more affordable than buying. Also you need to assess your financial situation before getting one. Although the initial cost of buying an Electric car is higher you save lots of cash on monthly fueling, insurance and tax costs. Besides, you can get government incentives that would offset the sticker shock.

2.   Do I have a plan for a single charge drive?

Most EVs charges achieve above 200 miles. If you travel more than that, for instance, on a road trip, the vehicle might not be the best option for you.

3.   Where will I charge the Vehicle

The best voltage to charge an EV fast is 240. This means that you need to install an outlet in your household. You can opt to use the public chargers but be willing to wait on a queue. Some apartments have charging stations and if you live in one without, you would have to find an alternative, which is much of a deal breaker.

4.   What is its performance?

One thing you can rest assured is that electric vehicles are way much better than their gas counterparts. Some of the performance advantages include;

a.       The only noise you experience is from tires and the wind.

b.      The vehicle’s low COG due to its heavy battery makes handling it more sure-footed.

c.       No more shift shocks

If you have answers for the above questions, getting an EV is sure your next step.

Reasons why you should get an Electric car

1.   It’s environmentally friendly:  According to research results by BBC, EVs reduced emissions into the environment by 70{8689492ee6d05e9b659bf3831776a6c7cabecbafe4913931985c6cef10add5ea}.

2.    Saves time: Charging an EV is faster than waiting for a conventional gas vehicle to fill its tank at a gas station.

3.     Less oil changes: EVs require less or no oil changes. This is because only a few of their parts move. Fewer trips to maintenance saves you time and money.

4.    Incredible perks: Electric Vehicles owners enjoy special offers such as free parking, access to carpool lanes, among others.

In conclusion, your financial situation and other essential services like a charging station determine whether it’s time for you. If your finances allow it, then there’s no reason for you to hold back. Get an electric car, conserve the environment and enjoy enhanced performance. Everybody wins!


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