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I wanted to see if I could find a number plate maker online. There is a place here in town where I can get registration plates, but I kind of don’t want to go there because my ex works there. It did occur to me that I could go there when she is not working, but I just felt that it would be best to avoid it altogether. The good thing about this is that even though that is the only local business that does the registration plates, I was not restricted to just a brick and mortar place.

There are online options too. Just like most everything else, it is possible to get custom made registration plates and show plates online. It was rather easy for me to find a company that I wanted to use. I just read the testimonials from others who have used the same company in the past, and I was able to tell from those that I would have no regrets by using them. In fact, I would be saving myself from some regrets because I would have to go have these done in person otherwise.

The website was very user friendly. It did not take me very long at all to make the custom plates. The site is very intuitive, and I just had to go right down the list of options and choose what I wanted for my plate. Some things had to be a certain way, such as the size of the numbers, but I was able to customize a bit of it to make it unique to me too. It was easy to put on my car, and I have saved myself so much grief by getting my registration plates this way rather than going to the local office and ordering the plates that way.