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Shipping a vehicle to a new location can be a confusing process for those who have never used a car shipping service before. It doesn’t have to be stressful, though. This article will offer some insight into what options are available and what drivers should expect when they choose to take advantage of Vehicle Shipping to clear up any confusion in advance.

Open or Closed Transport

Vehicles can be shipped either on an open trailer towed behind a semi-truck or in an enclosed container. While extremely expensive or antique vehicles should always be shipped via closed transport, average drivers are usually better off opting for an open carrier transport service. Not only will they save some money, but they’ll also have more leeway when it comes to determining a shipment schedule as there are more carriers that offer open transport than closed.

Understanding Time Frames

The time frame for vehicle pickup and drop off will depend on a number of factors, including where the vehicle is located, where it’s being shipped, and what shipping option has been chosen by its driver. Need to get a car to its new home in a hurry?

The best bet is to work with a car shipping company that offers expedited transport. This option will cost substantially more, as it will likely require transport drivers to change their routes and may lead to shipment delays for other vehicles, but it will ensure that the car will arrive on time. Most companies that offer expedited transport also send their customers regular updates so that drivers will know where their vehicles at all times and will be updated immediately should their anticipated delivery times change.

Flexible Scheduling

Those who don’t need their cars in a rush should be prepared to be somewhat flexible when it comes to choosing pickup and delivery dates. Car Shipping companies often work with many customers in different areas of the country, which can make it difficult for the company to offer exact time frames. Make sure to start making arrangements for shipping at least a few weeks in advance and keep in mind that even once a pickup date has been set, external factors like weather, traffic, and loading issues can lead to minor delays.

Shipping Inoperable Vehicles

Surprisingly few Car Transport companies offer shipping options for owners of inoperable vehicles. This should come as no surprise, given that there are a number of logistical issues that can come up when shipping a vehicle that does not run, especially when it comes to loading and unloading. Working with a transport company that has experience moving inoperable cars will ensure that no further damage occurs to vehicles while they are being loaded, transported, or unloaded.

Getting vehicles that don’t run onto and off of transport trucks takes specialized equipment such as forklifts and tow trucks. Owners of inoperable vehicles should expect to pay a little bit more for transport since the companies responsible for safely loading and unloading them will have to provide additional equipment and take additional time to ensure that these vehicles are secured safely.

Choosing a Company

Need to find safe, reliable Car Hauling from Boston and not sure where to get started? Make sure to check out the website and get answers to any lingering questions prior to signing an agreement. Many companies offer free quotes, as well, which can make the process of choosing the right carrier a little bit easier for those who are working on a budget.